Pup Mosh

The Mid Atlantic Kennel Korps holds a Pup Mosh for anyone interested in pup play and for learning about pup play as either a handler or a pup. All are welcome to attend the pup mosh unless advertised as a special event (i.e. male or female only function). Stop by and check it out.

The pup mosh has rules to help ensure that no one is injured. Please take a moment to review the Play Rules.

Pup Play Is…

Headspace – Becoming a human dog at the foot of a caring, controlling Handler.

Control – Surrendering authority to your Handler.

Play – Pups are more than subs, they are playful companions.

Discipline – Obedience to your Handler.

Love – The same unconditional, adoring love our bio pets afford us.

Liberation – Letting go of the world and its troubles to find a place in the animal headspace.

Pup play is not beastiality!

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