Play Rules

Guidelines for Safe Puppy Play and Interaction at a MAKK Puppy Mosh

  1. Be mindful of gear or articles that can cause injury to other pups. Jewelry or articles/gear that can get caught and cause injury should be avoided in the play area. Hard soled boots and spiked collars are not permitted in the play area.

  2. Approach a pup as you would a bio dog: Don’t run up to the pup, yell, grab or try to pet them. Ask the owner/handler for permission. Approach from the front so they can see you (some hoods can restrict vision); hold your hand out and let the pup come to you first. If the pup doesn’t, turns or growls, let them be – either they don’t want to come to you or may not have permission.

  3. DO NOT pull on a pup’s tail. It is disrespectful to the pup and can cause injury.

  4. DO NOT pull on pup’s collar. It is disrespectful and can cause injury.

  5. Ask to pet a collared pup.

  6. Not all un-collared pups are “Strays”.

  7. Chatting/Talking with pups can be distracting. It can interfere with the pup’s headspace.

  8. It can be difficult for some pups to be in public. Please be respectful that not all pups are as at ease as others.

  9. Ask before feeding pups treats as some pups have allergies.

  10. SCRITCHES are almost always welcome!

  11. Nudity is not permitted in public spaces. Genitals cannot be exposed and the butt-crack must be covered by at least a 1-inch strap.

  12. Remember…It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in the cone of shame…


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