Pup Frisky – Tally

Pup Frisky has been an active member of the kink community since 2010. He has hosted the monthly Pup Night at the Eagle since 2013 and founded NYC-PAH (New York City Pups and Handlers) in 2015. He serves as NYC-PAH’s president and community organizer, and has dedicated himself to providing safe spaces for all pups and handlers to learn, grow, and socialize. Advocating for individuality, he believes we are stronger as a community that accepts and celebrates our diversity rather than using our differences as dividing lines.

Pup Frisky is also a producer of the Northeast Puppy and Handler Contest (NEPAH Contest) which just had it’s inaugural contest and was created to promote the growth and development of the pup community throughout the northeast region.

A regular at the NY Bondage Club, Frisky enjoys bondage on both sides of the fence. When not tied up with pup community planning, he enjoys biking, gaming, gardening, and cooking. He is Alpha to the ever mischievous Pup Wiley.

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