Vyvyan Sassafrass – Judge

Vyvyan Sassafrass is the current Mid-Atlantic Puppy Handler for 2016 and is very excited to sit on the judges panel for MAPaH2017!

Vyvyan got their start in the New York kink scene back in 2009, but quickly expanded their horizons back to their home state of New Jersey and also to Philadelphia. Since moving to Philly in 2013, Vyvyan has been involved in the Leather community, finding comfort in the common pup play bridge. Vyv has facilitated multiple pet play corners, taught several pet play and pup-centric classes, and hosted pup meet ups before and during their title year.

Rarely without treats in their pocket, Vyvyan is always happy to learn and play with new pups, and is excited to continue their work in the community beyond their title year. Best of luck to the contestants this year!

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