Wouter “Pup Ascii” Popelier – Judge

Pup Ascii is honored with the title of Drummer North America Drummerboy 2015 and is the proud Sir of His two collared boys, Tom and Michael.

“Although I’ve always felt more of an Alpha, I have no issue switching roles with My boy Tom. It’s very important for Me to trust the person I go in pup space with. Being his pup fulfills the needs W/we both have and brings stability in O/our relationship. You have no idea how excited I was to accept his pup tag when it was presented to me on my birthday.

Suicide and HIV have been a common theme in My life. My job as university professor not only allows Me to educate, but also presents Me with the opportunity to raise awareness within our university walls.”

Pup Ascii flags left or right, depending on the mood, dark blue, grey, beige, yellow and is further interested in pupping out, electro play, flogging, whipping, and spending time with his sarcastic boys.

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