Pup Gryphn – Judge

Pup Gryphn comes from a small town in Delaware where he lived most of his life. While he lived there he found the Furry Fandom on the internet and began meeting up with local furs in the area. Thus, kicking off his journey into the fetish and kink communities.

Shortly after high school Gryphn joined the Marines where he served as a rifleman for four years. He was stationed in Hawaii for a majority of his service. He deployed twice to Iraq, once to the Haditha Dam, and a second time to Karma which is located about six miles south of Fallujah. He served while DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) was still being enforced, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing relationships. He would often go to clubs that were frowned upon by command to meet up and hang out with other LGBTQ and BDSM oriented peoples as well.

Once Gryphn exited the Marine Corps he moved back to Delaware and started to explore more into the BDSM community. He then attended FetFest in 2013 where he learned about pet play and was hooked. This was also his first time exploring fire play, rope play, and flogging. In 2015 he went to MAL and attended his first pup mosh. From there Gryphn went to volunteer for Wolfstryker leather where he learned leather working skills, and attended many other events such as BBM and Mr. and Mrs. Philadelphia leather. He also helped raise money for the Mazzoni center in Philadelphia while volunteering for Wolfstryker Leather.

Pup Gryphn then moved to Baltimore where he ran for, and became the first Mid-Atlantic Puppy 2015. During his time as Mid-Atlantic Puppy he has put himself out into the community while reaching out to help as many people as he can to learn more about the pup community.

Pup Gryphn currently lives in Greencastle, PA with his partner Rich. He also is the Alpha to Boy Robert, who recently celebrated one year sober an achievement that Gryphn is extremely proud of.

Pup Gryphn has been honored by being pinned into Mama’s Family as “Mama’s Alpha Pup”. He served as Judges “Pup” for Mr. Mayhem Leather 2016 at Bears, Bikers, & Mayhem. He served once more as Judges “Pup” for Mid Atlantic DNA 2016 in New Jersey. For two years Gryphn has aided Baltimore Pride at the Twilight on the Terrace. Gryphn also sits on the elective board for MAKK as the scratcher (secretary).

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