Pup Mosh at New Jersey Leather Weekend 2014

Pup Mosh at New Jersey Leather Weekend 2014

We am pleased to announce that the Mid-Atlantic Kennel Korps will be hosting a puppy mosh on Saturday, October 18th, at the NJ Leather Weekend featuring the Mr/Ms New Jersey Leather Contest!

The mosh is at the Paradise bar at the Empress Hotel in Asbury Park, New Jersey on October 18th at 12pm. It will be outdoors, so plan for brisk weather.

For safety concerns, hard-soled boots, spiked clothing, harnesses, and some other wear are not permitted. We greatly appreciate the effort to make these moshes safe for all. Review the Play Rules here. 

If you are interested in learning more about the weekend, find the Mr/Ms NJ Leather event page or contact Sal Susino.

For more details about this mosh or to volunteer, contact the Mid-Atlantic Kennel Korps.

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