Pupping Out Project Coming Soon

Very soon, by mid-June at the very latest – the Mid-Atlantic Kennel Korps will be launching what we’ve named The Pupping Out Project. Essentially, this is going to be an ongoing effort to collect coming out stories from pups and handlers and publish them online. The coming out story reflects the individual’s experience as coming out as a pup or handler.

The reasons for this are at least two-fold. First, we’ve seen time and again how one pup or handler’s story is like a revelation to another. We want to get these stories out there where others can see them and perhaps aid them in their own discoveries. Also, it’s another potential resource for the rest of the community to see us as we are and, hopefully, gain a little more understanding and insight.

This advance notice is to give people a chance to start considering whether or not they would like to contribute and, if so, maybe to begin thinking about what they’d like to say. We’re in the final stages of tweaking the website, and I’ll post the info once it goes live.

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