MAL 2013 Puppy Mosh in Review

Our puppy mosh at MAL was again a major hit of the weekend. Thanks to all the people who helped put it together: boy tom, Slavepup Axel, International Puppy Luckey, International Trainer Don, and special thanks to our Dog Catcher, boy Scooter from the DC boys of Leather.

If you have any photos you wouldn’t mind sharing from the mosh, we’d be interested in getting some. We didn’t have a photographer on hand, and I wasn’t able to get any during the mosh.

Please note that we respect individual privacy and do not publicly share photos showing faces without individual consent.

If you have any photo’s, please email them to: makk at makkorps dot org
If you’re in them, please let us know if it’s OK to use your photo on the website and/or next year’s advertisement!

Thank you and see you at MAL 2014!

Pup Tripp
Top Dog

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